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Dreaming for a beautiful, affordable and healthy reef aquarium? 'SMART' aquarium by Glaswerkz can now make this a reality! Imagine having the ability to gaze into the wonderful world of a breathtaking underwater experience in your home, office or place of business.

Whether a wonderful reproduction of a fish only environment, a coral reef animated with an abundance of fishes and invertebrates , or a jelly fish habitat, Glaswerkz has the expertise, experience and knowledge to design, install and service your aquariums.

With the all-inclusive 'SMART' package, all you have to do to own a beautiful reef aquarium is to decide on the style of the tank and choose the cabinet design, it's that simple! Glaswerkz will then design, set up and fill your reef aquarium with beautiful corals and fishes to suit your requirement.

Glaswerkz is a proud partner of blum, using the best hinge and lift systems in the market today for all our cabinet design.

At Glaswerkz, we are committed to provide the best service to ensure our reef aquarium set-up will fulfill all your expectations.

Glaswerkz is proud to introduce the ‘SMART’ aquarium

Glaswerkz, the trusted name in high quality aquariums, is proud to present 'SMART' - Simple Maintenance Aquatic Reef Tank.

'SMART' will be design based on your specific needs and requirements. Depending on the tank size, top quality equipment will be selected to match your tank to ensure the optimal functioning of the tank. This result in a tank that is easy to maintain, beautiful, and ensure the healthiest possible reef tank for all our customers.

With 'SMART', we are committed to ensure you receive the best customer service and sales support. Enjoy the beauty of the reef aquarium, and leave the hard work to us!

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